Welcome to the cafe in Tehran


Are you seeking for the cafe in Tehran?The result of your searching is here. Catch it now if you are serious about it.In the capital city of Tehran which is blessed with an abundance of cafes, Hescafe has earned its place among the best of cafes, and gain the title of the cafe in Tehran.

Welcome to Hescafe cafe

All the people, who had a memorable experience in the capital city of Tehran, emphasize that the cafe in Tehran is the Hescafe cafe. A pure and genuine Iranian cafe with the finest traditional cuisine.

Welcome to Hescafe cafe | Hescafe

A vibrant and nice atmosphere in the Hescafe and the high level of attentive and services, discrete service and high quality dishes, ensure an experience unmatched anywhere in Tehran or anywhere else. Hescafe is bringing the best to Tehran in order to offer an unprecedented level of luxury as well as traditional mode.Here at the Hescafe, we carry on the ancient art of Iran in architecture and Iranian style cooking.

The Hescafe nice dining cafe brings to you a whole new experience in the city of Tehran. Hescafe’s breathtaking view of the city offers an inspiring scene to enjoy while tasting Iranian traditional food. Skillful Chefs are focused on designing high-quality dishes. The latest menu of Hescafe has incorporated the whole Iranian food from all around the country which itself offers foods from the different culture of any part of Iran. Hescafe is dedicated to offering the best local cuisine.

Where could you find the cafe in Tehran, Hescafe cafe?

No matter where you are, just choose between taxi and subway, Hescafe, placing on the Royal Building is located in the Fereshteh (Angel) Street, which is really easy to reach by both taxi and subway.

Where could you find the cafe in Tehran, Hescafe cafe? | Hescafe

After an amazing day of the tour in the city and its marvelous places, there is no better place to relax than the cafe in Tehran, delivering genuine hospitality to guests from all around the world.Hescafe in Tehran’s Royal Building, present flavors of the highest quality dishes. Located in a nice place, it offers a lively and vivid atmosphere in which you are able to enjoy your favorite food, delectable cuisine that is sure to satisfy your fastidious cravings. The Hescafe is one of Tehran’s top Cafe and high-end traditional food in this vibrant city.

Hescafe cafe architecture

If you are passionate about Iranian architecture, you will enjoy the most here, while you are tasting delicious Iranian food.

Hescafe cafe architecture | Hescafe

Hescafe cafe, the cafe in Tehran Architecturally designed in original and true Iranian architecture. the old and traditional style gives a royal and gorgeous look to it, moreover, you will be surprised if you informed that the interior design of cafe has been used the traditional copper objects and mystifying pieces of copper.

Hescafe traditional and modern

Hescafe, the surprising and cafe in Tehran architecture is equally traditional and modern, but yet Iranian, with modern and old-style seating decorated by inscrutable floors and splendid pleasant lighting. You could also have fresh air from outside, a lovely space featuring beautiful and senile trees, bring an example of ancient Iranian architecture. And make this cafe a popular and cafe in Tehran which is really vivid and full of life.

Hescafe traditional and modern | Hescafe

A breathtaking and gorgeous space that diners serve in, is one of the reasons why people like Hescafe cafe and count it as the cafe in Tehran. In fact, thanks to a great and skillful team of Iranian architect and interior designer, the most important elements of cafe interior architecture, have chosen such a way that catches the attention of every enthusiastic person.

Hescafe timeline

Do you want to have lunch or dinner? Hescafe cafe, the best cafe would be your host on all days in the week. Open for lunch and dinner.Furthermore you could enjoy your breakfast in the cafe in Tehran, Hescafe cafe, only on Thursdays and Fridays.Don’t hesitate and accept our invitation to the cafe in Tehran, where you will feel like a welcome guest in your best friend’s home. So, it allows you to enjoy and revel a select choice of cuisine.


Hescafe, the cafe in Tehran has a really special, impressive, and unique menu, which presents entirely new and different food in a special place you will definitely like. The various kind of food from traditional dishes to completely new ones prepared to cater for all tastes. Due to the versatile culture of Iran, the cafe in Tehran, Hescafe, serve even fastidious people to satisfy all of the guests who choose to dine in the cafe in Tehran.

The most acclaimed and the cafe in Tehran, Hescafe, revives and updates all culture of century, old recipes using local fresh ingredients. The Hescafe cafe is a serene and tranquil place for dinner, serves the best Iranian dishes you can even guess or think about.

You can savor the favorable and yummy dishes prepared with big attention to detail inspiring creative style from a great culture of all around Iran. Scroll through the menu, full of original and pure creations by our proficient Iranian chef, guaranteeing the best select dining experience. This Menu is constantly updated. If you want to be aware of the latest yummy dishes, submit your registration form here.A stunning combination of great and yummy food and a mysterious magical panoramic view, together beautifully they make Hescafe to be popular and unique in the eyes of most people. Do enjoy your memorable experience in the cafe in Tehran, Hescafe!