Hec Cafe Menu:

The Café Cafe's menu as an Iranian café has a distinct menu of other bars. In the sense of a cafe, drinking tea and coffee is accompanied by Iranian noble traditions. Cold drink senses are rooted in Iranian flavors and delicious sweets and pastries provide a new experience of Iranian cafés for guests.

vis de mode agam:

Cafe-style snacks are served in a friendly and welcoming style.


White crystalline refills:

Iranian ice cream and flavours are designed with the finest quality and very exciting flavors.

Smoothies and Cavities:

Different types of sweets and snacks are a sense of cafe inspired by Iranian flavors and the finest ingredients.


Flavors, Lip Drops and Drugs:

A variety of Iranian hot drinks are designed to taste the style of the cafe.

Gravel boils:

Different types of Iranian coffee served with dahlia and rooted in Iranian culture and originality.


Nashnushhs, Feelings and Puddings:

Cold Cold Appetizers Cafe Bar is a blend of refined Iranian flavors that are eye-catching for guests.

Cuisine Menu:

In addition to Iranian beverages, the café's sense of taste, beverages with a variety of coffee beans are also of the highest quality.