Experience of a unique menu in an Iranian Cafe


The experience of felling compassion and warmth in an Iranian Cafe would have a good impression on you almost for a while. The menu has a unique design, which more looks like an ancient Iranian treasure map, to bring you more excitement. You can find and order different forms of sweets, snacks, ice creams, hot and cold drinks such as tea, juices, herbal teas, and some modern premium quality drinks.

unique menu in an Iranian Cafe

The experience of felling compassion and warmth in an Iranian Cafe would have a good impression on you for a while. Such a warm and friendly atmosphere in a traditional Iranian architecture, designed with copper ornaments and artifacts, and reflecting colorful lights, will bring peace and leisure to you, making you distracted from tensions and actualities, and invite you to a journey into history.

unique menu in an Iranian Cafe | Hescafe

Besides the historical architecture and design, Hes Cafe has further advantages to offer. You can review the treasure map and find what you desire most. Any guess? Yes, you right, it’s about the menu. The menu has a unique design, which more looks like an ancient Iranian treasure map, to bring you more excitement. The design is in such a way to resemble a historical story and distract you from almost any stressful thoughts you were busy with.

Serving the orders in an Iranian Cafe

It’s good to remind that the art of Persian handwriting, lines and geometry have been used to pleasure your eyes. You can feel the authenticity and originality of Iranian Cafes in every inch of the Cafe and see pure Iranian art in every corner.

Serving the orders in an Iranian Cafe

Serving tea or other drinks in an Iranian Cafe comes with some traditions. In Iranian traditions, tea is usually served in slender waist mini glass jars or standing cups. Sugar cubes, candies, dates, dried fruit, cookies or sweet snacks are usually served to balance the bitterness of tea. There is a variety of sweet snacks ready to be served in Hess Cafe, and depending on the seasons, proper ones would be suggested to the guests.

Hescafe with unique sweets and deserts

When it comes to sweets, Iranians are great masters of the art and have a lot of options to offer. Every region in Iran has its own unique sweets and deserts with specific characteristics and tastes. Most of the sweets have traditional backgrounds. Namely Gaz (from Isfahan), Soohan (from Qom), Halva (coomon in almost any part of Iran), Baqlava (from Tabriz and yazd) are hints for you to ask for. You can make pleasant memories for yourself with novel tastes.

Hescafe with unique sweets and deserts | Hescafe

Setting your table with the essence of authentic and original Iranian art is another tradition we intend to offer, and we are going to make sure you will get your orders proficiently. Of course, this is not all the details, and we’d like to invite you to feel and experience this whole vision in Hess Cafe.

Snacks in Iranian Cafe

If you are interested in tasting some pure Iranian snacks, you’d better pay a visit to Hess Cafe, because we are going to offer you some snacks that you are not likely to find many of them in any other Cafe. So be with us in this novel experience.

Cold beverages exclusively in an authentic Iranian Cafe

A point to keep in mind about Iranian Cafes is that they don’t just serve hot drinks, and you can taste memorable cold beverages aside. There are numerous cold beverages and drink recipes which have medicinal properties as well as good taste.

Cold beverages exclusively in an authentic Iranian Cafe | Hescafe

Most of such drinks are made out of local medicinal herbs, and that’s what makes these drinks outstanding. Aromatic substances are also used to make cold drinks. We believe we can offer you the best cold drinks in summer. Hes Cafe has creative ideas and recipes to serve you with novel and memorable tastes and drinks.

Ice creams and Faloodeh

Faloodeh (sometimes called Paloodeh) is a traditional delicious Iranian beverage. Actually there is no English word equal to Faloodeh, but it’s describes as a sweet beverage containing starch jelly in the form of thin fibers served in old style and traditional Iranian Cafes. Its taste is much like ice cream.

Ice creams and Faloodeh | Hescafe

The thin fibers of starch jelly are processed in the sugar solution. Two cities of Shiraz and Kerman are well known to serve this original Iranian desert. Some people like Faloodeh with lemon juice or cherry juice. But using aromatic substances and drinks with Faloodeh is also quite common.

rose water

One of most commonly used aromatic juices is Golab (rose water), which is extracted from rose and distilled subsequently, resulting in a very good taste and smell and bringing joy and calm to those drinking. Kashan, a city in Esfahan province is well known for its Golab products.

rose water | Hescafe

Visiting Kashan in April and May (Ordibehesht month in Persian calendar), you can see the processing of Golab closely.In a traditional Iranian Cafe, traditional ice cream is also served, which is quite delicious. A new world of tastes in form of traditional Iranian deserts and drinks are waiting to be explored by you.

Candies and sweets

Hess Cafe, a traditional and original Iranian Cafe has managed to serve guests with a variety of sweets and candies.

Candies and sweets | Hescafe

Traditional sweets and candies from different parts and regions of Iran along with special sweets from Hess Cafe have been prepared to make sweet memories for you. Modern sweets with inspirations from traditional sweets are unique advantages of this Iranian Cafe.

Herbal teas in an authentic Cafe

Herbal teas are certainly an important part of an authentic Cafe menu. Herbal teas have quite a long history and age in Iranian traditions because of their unique medicinal characteristics, and that’s why they are so important to the people.

Herbal teas in an authentic Cafe | Hescafe

You can make your choice and find your favorite one out of a variety of ancient and original Iranian herbal teas. Our experienced staff are ready to correspond any rising questions of yours regarding to the herbal teas, and we have managed some of them based on creativity.

Serving coffee in Dallah in an authentic Iranian Cafe

Dallah is a coffee pot made of copper. You can find coffee being served in dallah in a traditional Iranian Cafe and enjoy the taste of coffee alongside with the beautiful and eye catching pot designs.

Modern dinks in an Iranian Cafe

If you prefer modern drinks, you are invited to Hess Cafe and enjoy your order in a peaceful place with premium quality drinks the way you like.

Modern dinks in an Iranian Cafe | Hescafe

Here at Hess Cafe, 2nd floor Royal Complex, Fereshte Street, known to be one of the best and luxurious neighbors in Tehran, with a classic Iranian architecture and professional and friendly staff, we are happy to make you the best of your memories.