Iranian Cafe just Hescafe’s in Fereshteh


Iranian cafe is one unforgettable memory for foreigners, as tourists, business men or artists. International artists specially architectures are interested to  study  about  Iranian art  , Iranian art  has been entered to architecture  and has been mix with some shapes and lines which show some drawings, plants or even animals .

Know more about Iranian cafe

As it is obvious, Iranian cafe means cafe which is Iranian, in one cafe will be cooked Iranian foods and appetizers . we want to talk to you about One cafe in name of  HesCafe.

Know more about Iranian cafe | Hescafe

This Iranian  cafe is located at  Fereshteh street and Royal building, this place has been  built  on base of  Iran  ancient and noble architecture, all dishes in this cafe  are from copper materials  and all foods will be served in copper dishes, dishes are in different design and different shapes, copper dishes in this Iranian cafe are shiny and very beautiful, when you go to this cafe , you will see the variety of these dishes. Copper  dishes  are  very  useful for human healthy and most  people like to eat  foods in this kind dishes , copper dishes are valuable, some of cities in Iran are famous in manufacturing  of copper dishes as Isfahan .

One cafe in name of HesCafe

Entertain to your friends with fruit and sweets, cookies and pastries  in  HesCafe , foods and appetizers  are not as same and repeated in this cafe , every day and night , new food will be cooked, foods are from new idea every time, every food will be cooked in new  combination as vegetables, meats and beans , Iranian food materials are very different , when materials will be mix with Iranian spices, you will have wonderful taste .

One Iranian cafe in name of HesCafe | Hescafe

Hope at least one time, you eat food in this cafe and experience very good times with HesCafe. Many of  foreign  countries  and  people prefer to spend their times in Iranian cafe, HesCafe is good option for them, they gather , talk , and see Iranian art with different drawings and designs in this cafe.

Hescafe is very friendly and intimate place

The atmosphere  of this Iranian cafe is very friendly , kindly  and intimate , you will see old decoration , wooden pots with flowers ,  dishes , ancient methods ,wall and widows in special colors and designs , table and chairs are very nice, brick wall remind us the  old houses in ancient history , you can spend very good time with your friends or family in cafe, also  you can invite your guests to this cafe and made one good memory for them .

Iranian cafe is very friendly and intimate place | Hescafe

When we are tired and hungry, one intimate and friendly place is our wish that can rest and have some times in calm.  HesCafe is one of the best cafe in Fereshteh  Iranian  cafe complex, HesCafe is very expert in compare to other special and luxury  cafe as Divan and Kasab cafe foods.

HesCafe  is one good place for  people who are aged and  interested to remind their young times with  seeing  copper dishes and ancient decorations, our grandmothers were cooking foods in copper dishes . we wish today grandmothers also cook foods in copper dishes and keep this heritage . Natural art in HesCafe is very valuable, because it is without any technology  equipments , furniture and dishes are simple and natural, all human always enjoy from nature. We can experience original art in this Iranian cafe .

Why foreigners like Hescafe ?

Foreigners like Iranian cafe  very  much , HesCafe  cooks  very special with different flavors and spices. HesCafe origin has gotten from Iran history, HesCafe connect west and east people together.

Why foreigners like Iranian cafe ? | Hescafe

All employers in HesCafe try  to  access  to international standards  till can offer the best foods and services to all people. There are many cafe who  have different foods, salads, drinks and many other eating, but  HesCafe is one special and unique in Tehran also in Iran country. All other countries people like to see Iranian cafe at least one time and eat Iranian foods.

How can I book?

All sections  and  parts  in  this  cafe  are very calm , different , eye – catching  and cozy , you can rest and enjoy. You can reserve and book your seats and table for yourself, family or your friends, select your place and call to this number 75426, also you can hold your celebration in this cafe as birthday celebration or even wedding or business meeting .

How can I book? | Hescafe

Cooking in Iran culture is one art ,to combine and mix  food materials with spices and feel of friendly is one art, cafe and HesCafe made this feeling very well, Iranian always have been artists in all the times of history , last time and also at the present time , we have one slogan🙁 Art is near Iranian ).  Iranian people  gather in Iranian cafe to  talking, meet  each other and eating foods very kindly, HesCafe has very high variety , different tastes for drinks  both cold and hot as tea and coffee.

Hospitality in Hes-Cafe’s

Inviting one friend in  HesCafe will made us very pleasant times. We advise experience this cafe at least one time, you can take some photos and send to your friends in other countries. Hope we will be one representative for our culture in the universe.  HesCafe is very suit option for  our  weekend , Hope good weekend for you and your family in HesCafe.

Hospitality in Hes-Cafe's | Hescafe

Iranian rice is the main material in this place for foods.  Different  Appetizers and salads  are ready for guests before main foods, you can order any type and any quantity which you like. Iranian rice is the best one in the world, its quality is first grade, Iranian rice has special  smell  and  taste  along of cooking, because of these reason , Iranian rice is  expensive in compare to other rice qualities in the world.

We hope HesCafe and all Iranian cafe will be developed and can present our country real culture to the world. Natural sun  lights  along of eating foods, the sound of wind and dance of trees, all  are one harmony from nature and Iranian art, experience this symphony in HesCafe.