Persian Cafe in Tehran with Sweet memories


Cafes in Tehran have adopted different styles, and most of them are widely accepted, but if someone is after an extraordinary and unique experience in a pure and authentic traditional Persian Cafe in Tehran, then the options are roughly limited, and there is just one outstanding choice to go for; Hes Cafe, which is also prepared to serve modern services to customers, and also managing “Hestooran” to serve food and main meals.

Sweet memories and unforgettable experiences in a Persian Cafe in Tehran

If you are looking for a place to pleasure your time and make sweet memories and experience a new atmosphere after a busy and hard day, then a Persian Cafe in Tehran could a considerable option. Join us to know more about one of the best and authentic Persian Cafes in Tehran.

Sweet memories and unforgettable experiences in a Persian Cafe in Tehran | Hescafe

Finding a Cafe in Tehran is not a hard job by itself, since Cafes have a great impression on people’s lives and culture, but if you want to experience something new, then it is Hes Cafe you should go for.

Such a friendly place filled with warmth and joy will refresh your soul, and you will feel the spirit of the place, and enjoy your time in such a calm and quiet Cafe in Royal Complex, Fereshteh Street, designed with ancient Iranian architecture.

Characteristics of the place and building

Each Persian Cafe in Tehran has a different look and architecture. Thanks to the warm welcome of people to the traditional designs, most of the Cafes prefer traditional architecture and design for their places. In this case, Hes Cafe is no exception for choosing its style, and is honored to welcome you in its very antique and authentic Iranian architecture and interior design.

Characteristics of the place and building | Hescafe

But there are some unique characteristics that separate Hes Cafe from others. Big wooden windows, wooden doors and well-chosen decorations have added to the beauty of the place. In Iranian architecture wood holds an important position, and lots of architects used to believe that wood has a connection with human spirit and nature. That’s why you can see many wooden doors designed with specific patterns in many ancient Iranian places.

Hescafe environment

Brick walls have doubled the beauty of Hes Cafe as well. Red color of bricks coming from clay materials used in the production of bricks, emphasizes the origin of the architecture. No need to remind that most of authentic and unique brick buildings and architectures in the world are located in Iran, which is somehow the signature of Iranian architecture. Walls with clay bricks have a significant role in conditioning the interior, especially in hot and cold weather. They keep the inside weather cool in summer and, keep the warmth inside in winters.

Hescafe environment | Hescafe

Hosting people in yards and balconies are quite frequent in Persian Cafes in Tehran. The places attract lots of people especially in good weather. Yards designed with colorful flowers are places most people can never pass bye, and most of the guests comment on such places as unforgettable.

Interior design of Persian Cafe in Tehran

Cafes in Tehran have adopted different styles for interior design according to their tastes, and maybe most architects and interior designers prefer modern styles and decorations, but in Hes Cafe ancient Iranian architecture and decorations are brought into service to visualize the authenticity of the place with a taste of history as a Persian Cafe in Tehran.

Copper products and artifacts such as vases, pots and etc. have been used to decorate the interior space. The beautiful color and diffraction of light rays in this brick walled building is very beautiful and pleasant. According to the traditions, it was believed that copper has magical powers to bring peace and comfort and absorb positive energies, which made it a popular material for decorating purposes.

Unique and outstanding menu design in Persian Cafe in Tehran

Hes Cafe has managed to design a really unique and astonishing menu in every aspect. You can feel the authenticity of the Cafe in every corner of it, not just the architecture and decoration, but it is also reflected in menu design and services as well. The menu is designed with Persian calligraphy which is considered one major Iranian arts. The menu is handed in with a magnifier, somehow resembling a treasure map and an adventurous trip.

Unique and outstanding menu design in Persian Cafe in Tehran | Hescafe

Above all, it’s not just the design and appearance of the menu, but the content the names are also chosen old and traditional. The menu considerably differs from almost every other Cafe’s, and introduces many Iranian snacks and deserts, all coming to deliver good feelings. There are a variety of sweets and snacks you could order with proper beverages. The sweets from different parts of Iran are served with a little added creativity, specific to Hes Cafe, to sweeten your time and memories.

Traditional Iranian Cafe

Traditional Iranian snacks, which you can hardly find anywhere else, are now available for you to taste in Hes Cafe. Besides, you can order from a long list of traditional Iranian beverages and drinks and experience new tastes. Many of such drinks flavored with aromatics used to be quite popular years ago, and if you are interested in trying, here Hes Cafe we will be honored to serve you.

Traditional Iranian Cafe | Hescafe

Herbal teas with medicinal properties are other offers in the menu, which are served as hot drinks, most of them helping you recover your energy and relax. Be with us to experience the original and variable taste of Iranian herbal teas with some creativity.Coffee is also served in traditional Iranian coffee pots, which is called Dallah, made of copper metal.

Modern menu of Persian Cafe in Tehran

So far, it’s been all about the traditional menu, but that’s not all. We have taken all and everyone’s taste into account, and lots of modern drinks are served apart from Iranian drinks in Hes Cafe.

Modern menu of Persian Cafe in Tehran | Hescafe

We have done our best to bring you great moments in this luxurious place, and fulfill your demands regardless of your taste for our traditional or modern menu list, offering you the best of us, with great drinks, snacks and sweets, with a professional team.

Iranian Restaurant alongside a Persian Cafe in Tehran

If you have plans to have a meal in an Iranian restaurant after having some time in a Persian Cafe in Tehran, it’s our pleasure to serve you at “Hestooran”, a restaurant full of delicious food and premium quality services.

Iranian Restaurant alongside a Persian Cafe in Tehran | Hescafe

The Cafe’s and restaurant’s architecture and decoration is designed to be pleasant to a wide range of customers and people. We have the honor of serving lots of artists, domestic and foreign political guests and may other groups of customers in this Persian Cafe in Tehran. You can read comments about us on