cafe in fereshteh Full of Feelings


Cafe in fereshteh is a café with a very different design and decoration. Everything is at its best. The special and eye-catching decoration fascinate you. This cafe has two different environments for catering. Customers can sit in the cafe and on the porch. The name of this cafe is taken from the emotion within it. The choice of the name of the “Hes café” for the cafe in fereshteh has definitely been completely reasoned.

Introducing a Traditional cafe in fereshteh Full of Feelings

In this article we plan introducing a traditional iranian cafe full of feelings. Iranian cafes have often lost their traditional sense of feelings and have become more like a European café. If you are looking for a cafe with traditional and Iranian designs, be sure to go to the cafe in fereshteh. The name of this cafe is the Hes Cafe and is located on Fereshteh Street. The name of this cafe means cafe’s sense. You will definitely be surprised at the entrance to this cafe.

Introducing a Traditional cafe in fereshteh Full of Feelings | Hescafe

The interior of the cafe is very cozy and full of relaxation. But porch is a new experience of sitting in a cafe. Wooden chairs and pots hung by the windows all show new tastes. Drinking a gourmet drink in the traditional porch atmosphere can make a memorable one for the customers like Grand Hotel. In order to have a different experience than going to the cafe, you need to go to the cafe in fereshteh for sure.Unique setting, beautiful outdoor space, delicious hot and cold beverages prepared exclusively by emotion. Symbols and signs from Iran are visible throughout the cafe. These icons and signs create a lot of feelings for customers.

About Personnel

When you arrive at the cafe, waiter guides you to your table. You can book a desk in advance or choose one of the free desks at the entrance to the cafe. You can also choose to sit in the porch or in the lounge inside the cafe.

About Personnel | Hescafe

The behavior of the cafe staff is very polite and everyone is professionally trained. From the moment of arrival, you will notice the different behavior of the personnel and the feelings that you give.

About Menu

The huge variety in the menu may make you confused. For choosing a delicious snack, you can get help from the staff. They will politely explain to you about the types of snacks.

About Menu | Hescafe

When the menu is brought to you, a magnifying glass will be given along with it so you can read carefully and choose from a variety of beverages and sweets. The image of the menu is displayed below. As you can see, menu’s style is written in the style of the traditional Iranian line.

cafe in fereshteh menu as an Iranian café

The cafe in fereshteh menu as an Iranian café has a distinct menu of other cafes. In this cafe, drinking tea and coffee is accompanied by original Iranian traditions. Cold drinks of the cafe in fereshteh are rooted in Iranian flavors and delicious sweets and dishes provide a new experience of Iranian cafés for guests. The cafe in fereshteh menu is a unique menu that is not found in any other cafe in Iran.

cafe in fereshteh menu as an Iranian café | Hescafe

Different types of snacks from all over Iran are served at this cafe. In the cafe in fereshteh menu, you will see new names that you certainly have not seen before in any cafe. On the menu in the north, the names of the famous snacks of northern Iran are written. Similarly, if you look again, then on the menu in the southern part, the names of the famous snacks of southern Iran are written. Below are the screenshots of snacks in the cafe in fereshteh menu.

variety of food in hescafe

The names you see in your menu may be a little weird for you. PALUDEH is the same ice cream served with traditional flavors and nets. You may see the names of snacks in the menu that you have not heard before. For example, LOGHMEHs are in fact traditional Iranian sweets. In addition to its unique flavor, these snacks are served with a beautiful and attractive look and feel. Iranian hot drinks, which have great flavors, are served in the name of the LABDOOZ and LABSOOZ in this cafe. You should not think coffee is served in this cafe. But when you see me, you’ll find a variety of traditional Persian traditional coffee served in this cafe.

variety of food in hescafe | Hescafe

The original Iranian flavors are preserved in this cafe. The various types of snacks served in this cafe will not be seen in any other cafe in Iran. In this cafe, various types of traditional ice cream are served with amazing flavors.

last word about hescafe

If we want to describe the cafe in Freshteh in general, we must say that this cafe is a cafe with original Iranian flavors. In the other words, Hes Café is a Persian Café that inscites the joyfull senses of nostalgia and pride in its guests. With it unique interior decoration and beautiful outdoor space, this café is opulent with exciting ambiance and items to discover.

The café in fereshte is an ideal place for you to meet your friends, or invite them to a small party. You can arrange parties in the cafe in fereshteh by booking tables. The reception of your guests will be done with the utmost effort and accuracy. Your guests will experience a different experience of going to a friendly guest, in cafe in fereshteh. By organizing your friendly parties at the café in fereshte, make a memorable memory for them and yourself. You and your friend will enjoy from pleasant and aromatic tastes in Cafe in fereshteh. By inviting your friends to a luxury cafe, spend a memorable day with them in this cafe.

In general, if we want to have a conclusion about Hes Cafe, it should be said that this café will restore the sense of Iran. The traditional Persian architecture, along with various symbols and symbols from Iranian culture, will give you a sense of going to an old Iranian house.