Fereshteh restaurant is a unique place


Fereshteh restaurant use all of these spices in  food  cooking , all foods have some of these spices, in some foods less and in some other foods more. Experience food eating and feel  art , culture and quality in Fereshteh restaurant .

Experience food eating | Hescafe

This restaurant has all foods and meal for all desires, as children and adults in every age . You will not forget the memory of eating food and meal in this restaurant, you can talk about this feeling to your friends and family, and encourage them to have at least one meal in this place.

One Unique place in name of Fereshteh restaurant

What do you know about Fereshteh restaurant ? We  have  heard  and  know  many  restaurant  in our city , maybe you have heard about Fereshteh restaurant ,  there are many café and restaurant in Tehran and every  one are in one district, as north or south or east north ,  but always some of them are different and some of them  are unique and special.One of them is Fereshteh restaurant .

One Unique place in name of Fereshteh restaurant | Hescafe

All of them try to compete and attract more customers, some of  them  are  successful , but some of them are not enough successful . Why some of them  are  successful ? we try to explain about success reason of Fereshteh  restaurant.  We intend to introduce one of them as special and unique. Unique means we have not seen and we have not heard before as same ,  unique means we will feel and think differ to others.

Hes-Cafe & Hestooran

Maybe you have heard the name  of  Fereshteh  restaurant , this restaurant is in Tehran city . Tehran has one restaurant in name of Fereshteh, its address is Fereshteh street.  Nilofar street. Royal Building.

Hes-Cafe & Hestooran | Hescafe

The  second  floor,   all young girls and boys who newly has married , and family who have noble Iranian culture , prefer to spend  their best time in the best restaurants even for one time , they always select nice restaurant with qualified foods, well views and best serves, Iran foods are different kind with vegetables , meats, rice and beans. Iranian foods have the best spices as saffron, cinnamon, the different kind of pepper, as red pepper, black pepper, ginger and other natural spices .

advantages of Fereshteh restaurant

One of the advantage s of Fereshteh  restaurant is, using from traditional  copper dishes , these dishes remind the ancient culture  and life style in before times.

advantages of Fereshteh restaurant | Hescafe

We like  our  history , because history and our culture is our root .Fereshteh restaurant has tried to keep and save this culture , because of this , Fereshteh restaurant has been unique in Tehran city. We can feel our culture when we sit in  this  restaurant , we can enjoy from their equipments .Copper dishes not only are very beautiful and valuable, but also have  therapeutic properties , eating foods in copper dishes  are useful for healthy. At the other hand ,  Fereshteh restaurant has tried to present Iranian culture also to other countries and other cultures.

Iran culture and ancient life

Many of foreigners are interested to know about Iran culture and ancient  life , we admire Fereshteh restaurant for this method and hope the best success for it.

Iran culture and ancient life | Hescafe

This restaurant has  expert  designers ,  good  cookers and well employers  , when qualified and delicious food mix with the best designs , we enjoy more from eating foods. Fereshteh restaurant has used  from  art ,foods and spices ,  in fact Fereshteh restaurant  export Iranian culture , Iran has good agricultural products , best rice and spices. We know about Iranian rice that is the best kind of rice in the world and fereshteh restaurant use from Iranian rice in their foods. We can say with honor that Fereshteh  restaurant is unique in the world.

different menu

Hestooran and Hescafe are the names and parts of Fereshteh restaurant , that people select to use these parts, both foods and meal and also ancient drinks. Iran has many different drinks , some of these drinks use with meals, and some drinks without meal, there are hot drinks as tea , coffee  and also cold drinks, you will find different meal and drinks in menu . You will have very different drinks in Hescafe and Hestooran.

different menu | Hescafe

This restaurant is near market and people can go to this place after their buying and have a rest. Architecture designs of this place, have added to its value and importance , the aim of this restaurant is present Iranian heritage, its decoration is extraordinary, when you eat your meal with art and Iranian music, you will enjoy more . Music with Iranian songs change your spirit and made   you enjoy more from your foods in natural design, you will experience nature, art, food and history together.


This restaurant always welcome all of guests from other countries, as students, tourists, business men and many other people. We advise you at least one time go to this place and have one excellent time and rest, this place has very well views for your eyes, you can image and feel ancient times, times which our grandmothers were cooking foods in copper dishes , dishes in different sizes and shapes, some of them are square and some of them are circle shape .

hospitality | Hescafe

These copper dishes have different and nice drawing , their colors are silver and shiny .Hestoorn has not repeated meals, all foods have new idea and new mix, this place is very friendly and kindly, you feel you are at your home , this restaurant drawing is related to Iran ancient architecture and buildings, its tastes are completely Iranian and on basis of eastern countries. You can reserve your table , telephone reservation is 75426 , you can invite your friends or family to Hestooran  and spend unforgettable times, this restaurant serve dinner and launch .

ancient culture

Do not lost this situation and attend to Hestooran for experience one Iranian food and drink. In our life , we daily eat and drink without to feel is it Iranian or not , it is not important what feel we have from our foods, but when we are in this restaurant,  we feel , we are eating and drinking  Iranian foods.

ancient culture | Hescafe

We must transfer this feel to our children, we must teach to our children about our ancient culture, how our grandmothers were cooking and were using to copper dishes, we can offer and present this method to other people in other countries , as Asian countries or European countries, there are many people who still do not know about Iran ancient  life  and art, they must know about importance of our heritage .

There are two websites for visit and know more about this restaurant, please visit and get more details. Hope you will decide to go this nice place and experience many good times with your family and friends. Hope to made hestooran with international standards.