Fereshteh cafe, Hestooran restaurant, and Hes Cafe


The best Fereshteh cafe, Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café are your host in Tehran, Fereshteh Street, where welcome you as an special guest to enjoy from the most delicious traditional food in Hestooran and our special café in Hes Café. Both of Hestooran and Hes café located in one place to offer Iranian meal and drink depends on the guest desire.

Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café | Hescafe

The Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café, as the best Fereshteh cafe, are genuine Iranian restaurant which serve Iranian traditional dishes and the variety of local food and drink by use of traditional recipes and special ingredients which prepare a magical taste for really tasty foods.

Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café location – Fereshteh cafe

Are you visit Elahiyeh Area in Tehran? or cross Fereshteh street? The best Fereshteh cafe is nowhere but Hes Café and Hestooran restaurant.

Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café location - Fereshteh cafe | hescafe

Hes Café and Hestooran restaurant are placed in the most luxurious area of the capital city of Tehran, Fereshteh Street where is full of gorgeous building and shops. So, after an interesting tour in Tehran, there is no better place to relax and have a high quality Iranian dishes.

Architecture aspect of Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café – Fereshteh cafe

The gorgeous design of Iranian architecture gives an special shining look to Hestooran and Hes café which count as the best Fereshteh cafe.

Architecture aspect of Hestooran restaurant and Hes Café - Fereshteh cafe | Hescafe

Thanks to Iranian architecture from ancient Iran, the architectural aspect of Hestooran and Hes Cafe has such a pleasant view that absorbs the attention of every visitor. So, you can enjoy your Iranian yummy food while pleasuring from a really beautiful and amazing atmosphere of Hes Cafe and Hestooran.therefore, no matter you know much about Iranian architecture or not, the best Fereshteh cafe, Hestooran and Hes Cafe design has something to stimulate your artistic sense while traditional food serves your taste.

slogan of the best Fereshteh

The HES café prepare an amazing atmosphere for all visitors and also by offering a comfort space, about 1500 square meters, serves the taste of all people of any style. So that there is no need to be concern about the space. Yet there is something to stick in your mind, and is that, if you are more than ten people to dine in Hes Café, you need to reserve your seats, using the web page: http://hes-cafe.com/en/reservation only to inform us about our guest number and to serve you better and meet your desire.

slogan of the best Fereshteh | Hescafe

The slogan of the best Fereshteh cafe, Hestooran and HES café is MASHGH_E HAVAS VA LAMSE MIRAS in Persian which means “practicing the senses, and touching the heritage”. So, The HES café and Hestooran, offer such traditional place that really involves your senses specially due to artistic aspect of decoration.

In this special place, your eyes enjoy the beautiful design, amazing, eye catching, and breathtaking scene. Your ears also enjoy magical Iranian music which serves your senses the best. Due to tasting Iranian magical food as well as drink, you smell the most pleasant savor of both. It goes without saying that all of these senses seem like a heritage of Iranian ancestors from many years ago to revive our senses and stimulate our passion about life. Everything is ready for you to come here and have a best time and make the best memory as well.

The menu of the best Fereshteh cafe, Hes café and Hestooran

Regard to special menu of the best Fereshteh cafe, Hestooran and Hes café, which offer in a special place, you could choose among a variety of traditional Iranian food and drink.

The menu of the best Fereshteh cafe, Hes café and Hestooran | Hescafe

The Hestooran and HES café menu is a marvelous sheet that can baffle you. Remember that one of the most exciting experience that you should try there, is this interesting menu. May this menu concern you at the first glance, but there is nothing to concern about! Our staffs are here to help you find whatever you like the most. You will become familiar with it after a while and soon realize that every item placed in a suitable part of the menu. It’s exciting that a variety of traditional food and magical drink are listed in this menu such a way sounds like a mystery to find something special or a treasure map that direct you to a Precious asset.

best Fereshteh cafe

If you live in Tehran or visit Tehran for some reason, the best Fereshteh cafe, The HES café and Hestooran would be your host, to offer a variety of traditional meal in a special menu which serve at a Special place and unique atmosphere.

Hes café and Hestooran as the best Fereshteh cafe, prepare different types of completely healthy and entirely useful drink, thanks to ancient Iranian medical science. You may know already that the traditional drink from Iranian culture is entirely magical. By use of both hot and cold drink, Hestooran and Hes café offer drinks that are fully tasty, and also benefit body which sounds like that you have a panacea.Maybe Hestooran and Hes café drink are enough to stimulate your sense of curiosity to direct you to our café and restaurant, don’t hesitate and be our guest here in Fereshteh cafe. Don’t forget that we always welcome all guest from all around the world.

Iranian traditional meal

Beside our drink menu, maybe you need to know more about our Iranian traditional meal, Are you? Keep reading the following part of the article about Iranian traditional cuisine.

Iranian traditional meal | Hescafe

Another part of the menu, introduce a variety of Iranian traditional meal. All of them prepare by Iranian proficient chefs. All cuisine revives the culture of Iranian people from different part of the century. In fact, by the use of traditional recipes and consumption of local and fresh ingredients which in turn has a sign of Iranian tradition, the Hestooran offer the most delicious Iranian food that serves every personal taste.

No matter you taste an Iranian drink and meal before or not, you can experience entirely different taste, since all recipes in the best Fereshteh cafe, Hestooran and Hes Café is unique and different from whatever you may taste before, and you can choose among a variety of Iranian traditional food and classic drink.