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best cafe in Fereshteh with its special menu offers several types of drink that each of them made by ancient Iranian recipes based on ancient medical science, so you can be sure that they are truly healthy. You can also choose whether to have a hot or cold drink. More ever you can achieve our staff suggestion for selecting your drink that is more suit to your selected meal.

best cafe in Fereshteh is HesCafe

To be aware of the best cafe in Fereshteh, in Tehran, and its special menu, be with us by reading this article; we will introduce the HES cafe menu, as well as other features that might surprise you when you get in this special place. Keep reading the passage till you catch whatever you need to know about this special cafe in a really special place and also its special menu.

introduce the HES cafe | hescafe

The HES cafe that means “the sense” cafe in English, is an Iranian traditional cafe that presents a variety of Iranian foods as well as traditional drinks.

As the article goes on, you will be noticed about the HES cafe location, you will also be informed toward the architectural features of the best cafe in Fereshteh, and finally, you will become aware of HES cafe very special menu. Follow the article and think about your order that you want to have in HES cafe. What’s your desire? just think about it and have your favorite meal accompanied by your best friends or dear family.

The location of the best cafe in Fereshteh, the HES cafe

HES cafe has long been one of the citizens’ favorite escapes in the north of the city for a fine drink (including a variety of Iranian drink) and a great meal (made by traditional recipes). Find it in Elahieh area, Fereshteh street, in part of the Royal building, the HES cafe. Check out the Royal building sign and soon you will find the HES cafe.

location of hescfe | hescafe

ELAHIE district and specially Fereshteh Street is an upper-class area in the north of the capital city of Tehran and also the most expensive and luxurious area in Tehran where have plenty of the newest modern buildings, and top-end shops. While you visit one of the most affluent districts in the north of the city, you can enjoy special cuisine and magical drink in HES cafe.

The Friendly and lovely staff spend most of their time aspiringly and enthusiastically pointing out hard to help dear guest to find whatever they like to have in the cafe and wherever they want to go for visiting as a tourist as well. Recently, as usual, and regular plan, the HES cafe has added several regional and traditional drink to the menu for completing the menu more and more.

? What is HesCafe’s mission in Tehran

The HES cafe, due to its special place as the best cafe in Fereshteh St. is quite appropriate and convenient for different types of the program; for instance, if you are a tour leader, this place with Iranian hospitable and intimate atmosphere is the best place to host your clients and also for weekly traveler meetups.

What is HesCafe's mission in Tehran | hescafe

by preparing an Intimate and warm-hearted atmosphere, the HES cafe is a nice place, and the best café in Fereshteh St. No matter you are a team or a group or you want to spend time alone, this great cafe greets you with the best menu in a tranquil and calm atmosphere.To be aware the HES cafe exact location, look at the web page By using the map on this web page, you can find the HES cafe, the best cafe in Fereshteh street soon; it’s a piece of cake.

The Architectural aspect of HES cafe

The best cafe in Fereshteh street, which is undoubtedly the HES cafe, has a specific and particular architecture that is completely based on Iranian Architectural features. If you are Curious and interested in Iranian architecture, you can find this cafe really interesting and eye catching due to the architectural aspect of it.

The HES cafe old style and beautiful design have special characteristics that grab the attention of every visitor. Can you guess one of them? Absolutely not! When you visit the best cafe in Fereshteh street, you will find out that moreover than traditional architecture, in decorating of this place, some copper pieces have been used that itself is the sign of traditional decoration and Iranian art. So, when you enjoy the distinguished and privileged decoration and atmosphere in the HES cafe, everything will be complete by a traditional meal and excellent drink. You confirm it in sure. Don’t you?

The special Menu of the best cafe in Fereshteh street

When you have a bite of your food, you will taste something special that you didn’t taste before, even if you had experience of tasting Iranian food, yet in HES cafe you will experience something else.

The special Menu | hescafe

At first, you will be amazed and astonished by the HES cafe extravagant menu. When you see it, you will understand what I meant. In the menu sheet, you will find various types of Iranian food and traditional drink in several categories which listed in a particular order.

The Iranian meals and drinks that included in HES cafe menu can not be discussed in detail in this article; but if you want to know briefly about them, visit following web page:

Coper dishes in Hescafe’s

undoubtedly, only seeing this menu, stimulate your Sense of curiosity and will lead you to our special cafe, as the best cafe in Fereshteh street.

Coper dishes in Hescafe's | hescafe

This menu of the best cafe in Fereshteh, list our traditional foods that serve by appealing appearance for you to fulfill your taste and desire. Our exceptional dishes are entirely the result of the work of our Iranian skillful chefs. Our proficient chef has the decision to revive beautiful Iranian culture from different part of Iran. They enthusiastically apply their talent skillfully by using the old Iranian recipes. Furthermore, they try to consume mostly local fresh ingredients to prepare savory food that present privileged Iranian tradition.

If you require more info related to HES cafe, look at our website by this URL address: You can find the menu of HES cafe, and more about the best cafe in Fereshteh by Moving on pages.