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If you want to know the best cafe in Tehran, follow this article.

Following part of the article will introduce to you the best cafe in Tehran, HES cafe, you will be informed about the location of HES cafe, its Architectural features, and as the important part, you will also become aware of HES cafe especial menu. Keep reading and decide about your choices to enjoy from in HES cafe.

Welcome to the HES cafe

The HES cafe which means “the sense” cafe in English, is a genuine Iranian cafe. This cafe enthusiastically prepare a really friendly atmosphere you will enjoy the most. No matter you are alone or a group to come here in the best cafe in Tehran, you are welcome to have a completely nice time here apart from hustle and bustle of the capital city of Tehran.

Welcome to the HES cafe | hes-cafe

Or maybe you had an exciting tour in Tehran and need to become relax for a while? All of you need is the best cafe in Tehran.

Are you alone and want to spend relief time? The best place prepared for you to be free from every exhausting and stressful of a long day. You can enjoy a fine drink or nice food and let every unpleasant thing go.

Are you a group of friends or want to have a family gathering after a while. The HES cafe welcome you and hope to have a really nice time in warm of love and calm of peace.

Where is the best cafe in Tehran, the HES cafe?

The HES cafe is placed in Fereshteh Street (Angel Street in English). The Fereshteh Street is an upper-class area and the most famous part of ELAHIE district in the capital city of Tehran and has been the most expensive and luxurious street in Tehran full of the newest buildings, top-end shops, and beautiful cafes. Elahieh is one of the affluent districts in the north of Tehran.

No matter in which area of the Tehran you are, it’s absolutely easy to reach to the best cafe in Tehran. Just decide and you will be here and would be our dear guest.

Where is the best cafe in Tehran, the HES cafe? | hes-cafe

If you want to see HES cafe on the map, look at the web page This map will easily lead you to HES cafe.

If you like Iranian Architecture and know a little about it, you are in the right place.

The HES cafe as the best cafe in Tehran, Designed architecturally such a way to be entirely Iranian which has also an old style Design.

You will verify that the food is not everything, the place that the dishes serves is also important. The best cafe in Tehran offers a tranquil place which takes advantage of Iranian architecture. Everything in the HES cafe has a sign of Iranian culture and art. This atmosphere is the whole suit to traditional Iranian drink and meal.

The features of HES cafe

The features of HES cafe | hes-cafe

The HES cafe offers a vivid atmosphere with a pleasant space of about 1500 square meters. So don’t be concern about the space. You should be feeling relief and relaxed. The only thing to remember is that, if your group is more than ten people, you should let us know, by reserving the seats, by use of this web page:

What is special about the HES cafe?

What do you really expect from a fine cafe? All of the nice features you may think, have gathered in the HES cafe and make it simply the best cafe in Tehran.

The slogan of the HES cafe in Persian is MASHGH_E HAVAS VA LAMSE MIRAS which means “practicing the senses and touching the legacy”. Isn’t beautiful? You definitely like it.

The HES cafe as the best cafe in Tehran, prepare a fine traditional place which simply involves your senses. Your eyes could enjoy the comprehensively beautiful space, eye catching, and breathtaking scene. Your ears could enjoy magical and mysterious traditional Iranian music which really play with your senses. While tasting the best Iranian magical drink and delicious food, you will smell the most pleasant savor of them. All of these pretty and glamorous senses are like a heritage of Iranian ancestors from far and far away years. The only thing you should do is to pleasure.

The Menu

You will be surprised by seeing The HES cafe marvelous menu. You should try it. Every item placed in a suitable part of the list. And the variety of Iranian traditional meal and magical drink listed in this menu like a mystery.

The Menu | hes-cafe

The HES cafe as the best cafe in Tehran, with a special menu at a Special and unique place would be your host. We would be really happy if you accept our invitation to the HES cafe.

The best cafe in Tehran offers different types of drink which thanks to ancient Iranian medical science, are completely healthy and entirely useful for the body. It goes without saying that the Iranian traditional drink is really magical. Both hot and cold types, not only are truly tasty, but also benefit your body like a panacea.

  what about foods?

We guess just knowing about drink part of the menu, stimulate your Sense of curiosity and will direct to this cafe. But what about foods?

Another part of the best cafe in Tehran, HES cafe menu, introduce the Iranian traditional food that serves in the best cafe  in Tehran. All of the cuisines are the result of the work of Iranian proficient chefs. They revive the culture of different part of the century, by using the old recipes and consume local fresh ingredients which its,elf is a sign of Iranian tradition.

Even if you already taste the Iranian drink and meal, you will have a completely different experience, since everything is special and unique in HES cafe.

By use of the best cafe at Tehran, the HES cafe menu, you could choose among a various selection of classic and traditional Iranian meal.

If you need more information about HES cafe, visit its website: It will prepare you the menu of HES cafe, and much other information related to the best cafe at Tehran. You could also reserve your seats in HES cafe in case you are more than 10 people.